Us bombs iraqi town report

Us bombs iraqi town report

Al-Jazeera news channels reported that al-Huda in the capital Abu Dhabi had heard gunfire and explosions at around 1:00pm local time.

la revue The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called al-Huda “the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula” and said that US embassy staff were assisting local security forces to “bring to justice those responsible더킹카지노.”

rencontre libertine niort The al-Huda report comes hours after Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Salman said his country would not recognise a new UN Security 더킹카지노Council resolution passed last week that “condemns the Islamic State terrorist group as a terrorist organisation” and condemned it for carrying out what it called its deadliest attacks in recent months.

The resolution also calls on other nations to “prevent, suppress, and destroy the terrorist activities” of the group, which includes a network of foreign fighters, an announcement that had been widely condemned as offensive to the country’s government.

But Saudi Arabia, a member of the United Nations Security Council, has vowed to “destroy” Islamic State in its “last stronghold” of Iraq and for the UN to ban “Islamic State”.

In Washington, the State Department said it had “zero tolerance” for violence against civilians.

‘Shameful display’

Abdallah Ali, a security analyst, told Al Jazeera that the “outrage” at al-Huda was “shameful”.

“This attack shows that the Syrian army is losing its authority across all fronts, and if this continues it will not be able to hold any territory,” he said.

“The people of al-Huda believe that the government wants to hold the area, so we should take them out with heavy weapons.”

Abdallah said that he believed the attack was designed to show the extent of Islamic State’s influ바카라ence and could be seen as a “joke”, and that the aim was not only to demonstrate the group’s strength but also to sow panic among regional nations, such as Qatar, which is home to the US embassy.

“They also want to make it clear that all these countries of the Gulf are not accepting their authority, in fact they want to take it away from them, which is why all of this is happening.”

US-based Muslim cleric and former imam at Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Islamic University, Sayyed Nimr al-Nimr, said that in the last 24 hours al-Huda had been “taken over”.

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