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Custom Post Type UI 1.6.2

Thank you for choosing Custom Post Type UI! We hope that your experience with our plugin makes creating post types and taxonomies and organizing your content quick and easy.

What’s new in version 1.6.2

Taxonomy support for meta_box_cb parameter

We have added a field to provide a function callback to use for the metabox for your taxonomies. This allows you to customize and provide your own metabox output instead of using the default.

WP-CLI Support

We have added some initial WP-CLI support around importing and exporting your Custom Post Type UI settings. This will help with setting up your websites and provide some possible automation tools.

Adjusted default “Show in REST” parameter.

Gutenberg is coming with WordPress 5.0. For post types to have “Gutenberg” support, the “Show in REST” parameter needs to be set to true. We are changing this to help ease users into better integration.

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