Disease threatens nt wine industry

Disease threatens nt wine industry. A winemaker has died in Chile amid a plague of grape vase blight, which has killed three winemakers in the past two months.

It’s not just those big wi바카라nemaking operations, either.

In January 2008, the Spanish government declared that nearly 250 wineries ha바카라사이트d died from plague in their vineyards, and that more than 20% of those deaths had occurred over the past 15 years.

That has led to a dramatic increase in wine production in the years since, which is driving down prices, which in turn, keeps costs low.

But even with the economic downturn, there’s still plenty of money in wine-growing in Argentina. In some cases, it doesn’t make any sense to p우리카지노ut your business life and future prospects in jeopardy just for the sake of a bottle of wine.

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